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Starting tomorrow, I'll get up late

The story of Starting tomorrow, I’ll get up late is loosely inspired by the life of Massimo Troisi, one of the greatest Italian actors, Oscar nominated, whose career peaked with the film, The Postman (Il Postino), receiving five Oscar nominations in 1996. Massimo Troisi died at the young age of forty-one, following a serious heart illness, while he awaited a transplant that would have taken place only days later. Massimo Troisi was a man with an exceptional talent, and a great personal warmth; witty and funny even in tragedy.

The great exhibition


Troisi poeta Massimo is a journey through private photographs, archive images, posters, audiovisuals, audio-video installations, unpublished correspondence and personal objects that belonged to Massimo Troisi or used on stage that will lead the public into Massimo's human soul. A “Pulcinella without a mask”, as he has been defined, Eduardo's natural heir and capable of updating the Neapolitan tradition, escaping from the clichés.
Over 100 photographs - from family archives and those of friends and colleagues, from the Historical Archive, from the Teche Rai and the Enrico Appetito Archive (with photos from Mario Tursi's sets), and other photo-cinematographic collections - a roundup of memories which, through music and images, highlights the poetics, themes, passions and successes of one of the greatest Italian actors of all time. A "mild myth", a modern and revolutionary anti-hero, who more than others has been able to describe, with sincerity, lightness and irony, the doubts and concerns of the new generations.


TROISI POETA MASSIMO is a play written and directed by Stefano Veneruso on the artistic and private life of Massimo Troisi. Unpublished poems, interviews, songs and autobiographical texts act as a narrative plot. It is a reconstruction of his magnificent career, of his extraordinary poetics applied to his cinema, his stories, monologues and the historic group La Smorfia. Accompanied by singers and musicians, an actor, through the irony and works of Massimo Troisi, will talk about family, religion, the female universe, Naples and his latest cinematic masterpiece The Postman (Il Postino).

“Although Massimo was an older brother to me, after many years, I felt a great emotion in looking at old films, in rereading his poems, his manuscripts and his unpublished texts. So I decided to bring them on stage, to retrace his thoughts together with the audience ".
Stefano Veneruso

Annunciazione Annunciazione

Annunciazione Annunciazione
“Revuoto 2018”

Naples - Piazza del Plebiscito June 22-23-24, 2018
Massimo Troisi and the 40th anniversary of the trio La Smorfia.
Authors: Lello Arena, Enzo Decaro, Stefano Veneruso
Directed by Stefano Veneruso

The city of Naples pays tribute to Massimo Troisi, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the trio La Smorfia. Three nights with numerous Italian celebrities from the world of cinema and television, with Pippo Baudo, Renzo Arbore, Giancarlo Magalli, Massimo Lopez, Massimo Bonetti, Marisa Laurito, Michele Mirabella, Marco Messeri, Nino Frassica, Angelo Orlando, Giovanni Benincasa, Renato Scarpa and others.

Speciale "Il Postino" 1994 - 2022

(A look inside)

The documentary on the film Il Postino, entitled Speciale - Il Postino 1994-2022 (A look inside) is an alternation of images of the protagonists of the film: Massimo Troisi, Philippe Noiret, Renato Scarpa, Linda Moretti, Mariano Rigillo, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Anna Bonaiuto, but also of all the prestigious technical cast that, usually, is always behind the camera.        

Moderne Odissee

On October 2018 30Miles Film produced together with Barbara Di Mattia a videoclip that brings the attention to the wounds of the modern age and the problem of climate change, topics discussed by the italian Ambassador Antonio Morabito in his book "Moderne Odissee". During the screening of the video directed by Stefano Veneruso, in the presence of diplomats, intellectuals, aristocrats and ecclesiastical authorities, was of particular significance the wish that Pope Francis wanted to send through the Councilor for the secretariat of Vatican.

What do I think of

Author and director Stefano Veneruso
with Giancarlo Giannini
"Is there a question that nobody asked you?”. "Yes, I was never asked what do I think about Switzerland." "You wish that you would ask for?". "No".

We, People of September

Documentary directed by Stefano Veneruso

For the first time Franco Califano, one of the greatest Italian singer and songwriter, tells his story trough an intimate confession and unfiltered, not afraid of revealing his own dreams, weaknesses, or failures, or talking about politics, sex, love and imprisonment, stardom and sickness, passion and dissipation: the absorbing odyssey of an extraordinary “people’s poet”.

Teach me again

Director Stefano Veneruso
Elisa feat. Tina Turner (official video - 2006)
Director ofPhotograpy: Vittorio Storaro
Sountrack of All the Invisible Children

All The Invisible Children

All the Invisible Children is a 2005 anthology film on the theme of childhood and exploitation. It is a collection of seven short films, each focused on a different child. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival on 1 September 2005.


March 2014. Giorgio Veneruso, a seventy-five year old man, was affected by an ischemic stroke. He was discharged from an imprudent head physician who believed it was unnecessary for the man to occupy a bed, causing the latter to have a heart attack within twenty-four hours, which then caused other serious health consequences.


The exile of a man in search of God
Director Stefano Veneruso
Its first endeavor has been the Italian production of "Caravaggio" by Pulitzer nominated author Richard Vetere. The play won Rome's City Council's ban "Roma in Scena 2010" that allowed the production to take place in the exclusive setting of the Musei Capitolini as a celebration of Caravaggio's death 400th anniversary. It was also performed in the Piazza del Governatore in Porto Ercole and at the La Porta Association Gardens on the island of Capri.

Nei tuoi occhi

Produced by Stefano Veneruso for Esterno Mediterraneo Film Srl
The compact disc Nei tuoi occhi is a collection of love poems written by Pablo Neruda read by famous Italian actors and singers.
Produced by Stefano Veneruso in 1997...

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