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Caravaggio (Play) 2010
The exile of a man in search of God
Director Stefano Veneruso
Its first endeavor has been the Italian production of "Caravaggio" by Pulitzer nominated author Richard Vetere. The play won Rome's City Council's ban "Roma in Scena 2010" that allowed the production to take place in the exclusive setting of the Musei Capitolini as a celebration of Caravaggio's death 400th anniversary. It was also performed in the Piazza del Governatore in Porto Ercole and at the La Porta Association Gardens on the island of Capri.
The play starred Andrea Piedimonte as Caravaggio and Fabio Canino as Cardinal Del Monte. It was directed by Stefano Veneruso and featured Giovanni Capalbo as Alof De Wignacourt, Lavinia Savignoni as Lena, Andrea Dugoni as Annibale Carracci and Vincenzo De Michele as Stefano. The drama takes place in the early 1600s: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio is on the run from the death penalty and its own existence. The search for truth, his truth, will meet only through painting and disquisitions with friends, lovers, pimps and perpetrators. And through constant and sincere search for God and an independent interpretation of the meaning of life.

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