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Starting tomorrow, I'll get up late

The story of Starting tomorrow, I’ll get up late is loosely inspired by the life of Massimo Troisi, one of the greatest Italian actors, Oscar nominated, whose career peaked with the film, The Postman (Il Postino), receiving five Oscar nominations in 1996. Massimo Troisi died at the young age of forty-one, following a serious heart illness, while he awaited a transplant that would have taken place only days later. Massimo Troisi was a man with an exceptional talent, and a great personal warmth; witty and funny even in tragedy.

The years of the father

Corrado, a Jewish, orthodox young Israeli man in his twenties suddenly discovers that his long lost father is not dead but has created a new family for himself in Italy. Corrado’s decision is final: in order to know and recuperate his father, he is prepared and willing to even give up the protective figure of his mother Rosa.

7 Dwarfs at Auschwitz

Incredible and implausible, as only true life itself can sometimes be incredible and implausible, and beyond any possible imagining—this is the most common reaction when one first learns of the extraordinary story of the Ovitzes.
This is clear from the very beginning: not one, not two, not three, but seven dwarf siblings who are always together, just as in the very famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Seven dwarfs who are musicians and dancers, who, for some time, under the name of the Lilliput Troupe, had performed in the most prestigious theaters across Europe.

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