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Stefano Veneruso

Director, screenwriter and producer Stefano Veneruso, founder of 30 Miles Film, began his carrier as assistant director on Academy Award-winning film The Postman, (Il Postino), contemporaneously directed its Behind the Scenes, which garnered him a Best Story and Narration award at the Bologna International Backstage Festival.
Stefano moved to Los Angeles and studied filmmaking at both UCLA and the AFI at the same time working for the film production company Cecchi Gori Pictures. Los Angeles is also the place where Stefano directed his first short film: I'm Sophie and You? The film was awarded several prizes.
In 1997 Stefano produced the compact disc Nei Tuoi Occhi, in commemoration of Massimo Troisi. The CD, a collection of love poems by the world-renown poet Pablo Neruda read by notorious Italian artists, eventually racked up huge commercial rewards and critical accolades, selling 250,000 copies.
In 2000, Stefano worked as an assistant to Martin Scorsese on the film Gangs of New York.
After working as assistant to Mel Gibson on the set of  The Passion of The Christ, Stefano directed and produced All the Invisible Children, released in 120 countries, directed among others by Spike Lee, John Woo and Ridley Scott.
In 2010 Stefano worked as director for the theater Caravaggio - The exile of a man in search of God. Furthermore, he directed music videos for artists such as Tina Turner and Elisa. Recently, Stefano directed the docu-film on the life of Franco Califano, one of the best Italian singers and song writers, We, People of September selected at the Rome Film Festival 2011.
In 2014 he is director and co-author of the play What do I think of Switzerland (Cosa ne penso della Svizzera), played by Giancarlo Giannini.
In 2015 he is director and producer of the documentary Insanity (I danni dell’inverno). In 2018 he is the author together with Lello Arena and Enzo Decaro and director of the show Annunciazione Annunciazione! Revuoto 2018 - (piazza del Plebiscito, Naples), in honor of Massimo Troisi and the 40 years of La Smorfia, with Pippo Baudo, Renzo Arbore, Giancarlo Magalli, Massimo Lopez, Massimo Bonetti, Marisa Laurito, Marco Messeri, Nino Frassica, etc. In 2019 hes author and director of the play Troisi Poeta Massimo.


1997 Sacher d’oro - Best Actress Maude Bonanni (I'm Sophie and You?) directed by Stefano Veneruso
1998 Bologna Backstage Film Festival, Special Prize for Best story and narration of the Backstage for the film The Postman (Il Postino) "Speciale Il Postino -   A look inside" directed by Stefano Veneruso
2005 Capri Hollywood Award for the film All the invisible children
2006 Grolla d’oro Award for the film All the invisible children as the Italian film most sold abroad (120 countries)
2006 Ischia Global Festival Award for the film All the Invisible Children
2007 Roberto Rossellini Award for Best Picture for the film All the invisible children
2007 CANON Award (Roberto Rossellini) Best Producer for the film All the Invisible Children
2011 Rome Film Festival We people of September directed by Stefano Veneruso
2014 Fauno Danzante Award at the Pompei Film Festival for the Backstage for the film The Postman (Il Postino) "Speciale Il Postino - A look inside" directed  by Stefano Veneruso
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