The Campus

Title The Campus
Production 30 Miles Film Srl
Director Stefano Veneruso
Story Giuseppe Manfridi
Screenplay Giuseeppe Manfridi, Stefano Veneruso
Genre Thriller
Language English
Country of production USA, Italy
Post Production Italy
Daniele (da definire) Elio Germano
Lucy (da definire)


“The Campus” is the thrilling story of a colossal lie which generates a web of crime. Set between the Stanford College campus and the spooky ultra-orthodox Mormon town of Nephi, this enigmatic network of death and young people’s dubious behaviour, comes to a violent climax with the cold-blooded massacre of a family. In an unrelenting sequence of breath-taking coups-de-scene, continually shifting our perception of the reality, the story’s revelation and solution will emerge in the epilogue, in the very last frame of the film.