Venice, a dream…

Title Venezia, un sogno…
Production company 30 Miles film Srl
Director Stefano Veneruso
Producer Stefano Veneruso
Story and Screenplay Anna Pavignano
Genre Drama, Romance
Language English
Cinematographer (Tbd) Vittorio Storaro
Country of production Italy, Canada
Suggested Cast:
Thomas Al Pacino

In a Venice strangled from high water, Thomas, an American relocated in Italy for more than forty years, remembers his life: his love for his wife Ivonne, who died prematurely of a mysterious disease which has erased her memory, his son’s childhood and the missed dialogue, the other women whom he loved and lost (including a lonely fire eater). But Venice, beautiful and abandoned, continues to sink each day becoming more invisible; together with African grandson, with whom he communicates with few words and gestures, devise a daring protest to save his beautiful city.

Note from the director
“The slightest flutter of a butterfly can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.” There is no effect without a cause, and we are the cause of global warming. If you imagine that the beating of wings of a tiny creature like a butterfly can cause a hurricane, we should reflect on the causes that we humans “big creatures”, can produce with our gesture. Nature had calculated everything to perfection and we are destroying it. Our children will be compelled to live in the disaster we have caused.