Neither in Heaven nor on Earth

Titolo Neither in Heaven nor on Earth
Production 30 Miles film Srl
Genre Road-movie
Director and producer Stefano Veneruso
Screenplay Stefano Veneruso, Fabio De Propris, Iclal Aydin Margariti
Screenplay adaptation (Russia) Igor Shurenko
Cinematographer Simone Zampagni (Tbd)
Associate producer Barbara Di Mattia
Language English, Italian
Country of production Italy, Russia

Going through hard times means feeling completely alone. What would happen if two young women, very different from each other in language, culture, character, and life choices, having reached a critical point in their own existence, were to meet by chance? It could mean that they both discover, in the diversity of the other, a soft place of refuge, a compassionate mirror that reflects an acceptable image, a shore upon which to rest before pushing back off into the sea of life. It could mean that, in their diversity, they collide, one in each corner with their differences at their back, shouting the sincerest truth as only someone looking at you from the outside can. It could mean a little bit of both.
Neither in Heaven nor on Earth is a film that tells this story. A cloistered nun from Russia leaves her monastery to follow the mysterious traces of a boy in Italy, searching for the cure to a wound that has eaten away at her since she was a girl. The owner of a hotel in Bari, on the verge of a violent divorce, decides to accompany the young sister on her quest. Zoe and Giulia. The Russian and the Italian. Spirituality and realism. One will stop at nothing to reach her goal. The other runs from a situation that she cannot bear any longer. During their cross-country journey through southern Italy, Zoe and Giulia will happen upon situations and characters that paint a bittersweet picture of the human condition, pushing them, through tears, laughter, and a rollercoaster of emotions, to reveal themselves to each other, as well as come to understand each other deeply.
The two protagonists will learn that, even if it’s impossible to resolve all of their problems, making an effort to burst through the confines of their own solitude and their own pain can make life better not only for themselves, but also for others. It can even make it, despite it all, beautiful.