Title Insanity
Directed and produced by Stefano Veneruso
Genre Documentary
Italy 2016 Color, Lenght 49′
Original language Italian and Neapolitan with English subtitles
Production company 30 Miles Film srl (Italy)
Cinematographer Al Svelari
Editing Valeria Veneruso
Music Enzo Decaro
Associate producer Barbara Di Mattia
With Annamaria Troisi
Massimo Troisi
Giorgio Veneruso
and Barbara Di Mattia
March 2014. Giorgio Veneruso, a seventy-five year old man, was affected by an ischemic stroke. He was discharged from an imprudent head physician who believed it was unnecessary for the man to occupy a bed, causing the latter to have a heart attack within twenty-four hours, which then caused other serious health consequences. His son Stefano decided to record the conversations with the physicians, initially to listen to them again and better understand what happened. Later on these conversions will be used in the documentary, witnessing the thoughtlessness of some physicians, in regards to how patients and diseases are treated. The reconstruction of the facts reveals a family history linked to Annamaria Troisi, Massimo Troisi’s sister and the evolution of the lengthy poor health of the beloved actor.